What is a Grooms Cake?

What is a Grooms Cake?

The groom’s cake is one of the pecularities of modern weddings. As a trend, it has really picked up in recent years when the couples are more adventurous and want to try something new. However, the groom’s cake is a tradition that dates back to the American south, where it was common to have it at weddings. Like all old things, this is again making a comeback in the modern wedding scene.

So what exactly is a grooms cake?What is a Grooms Cake?

A groom’s cake is simply a second, smaller cake. It can either be designed by the groom himself to bring a little bit of his personality into the wedding, or it can be designed by the bride and meant as a surprise for the groom. The whole idea is to give the groom something to take away from a day that is, well, largely about the bride.

The themes that the groom’s cake is built around can range from his personal hobbies, interests, or ambitions. Sometimes, couples like to go really wild with the groom’s cake to inject some spice and chutzpah in a day that can be quite sedate and dull. ¬†So then What is a Grooms Cake?

Thus, if the groom was a college quarterback, a cake with a football themed design would be an appropriate choice. If the groom has a certain fascination with a particular piece of pop culture (say, a particular movie or book), you could have a cake designed around that. How about a groom’s cake that shows both the bride and the groom’s love for a particular rock bank? We all have to agree that a KISS themed cake would be just too interesting to pass up.

Groom’s cakes were an integral part of weddings in the years past. Today, they are used primarily by brides to do a little bit for their husbands-to-be. Because of its size, theme, and flavoring (groom’s cakes are usually in dark chocolate or spice), the groom’s cake serves as a nice counter-balance to the traditional wedding cake. If you want to add a little bit of extra to your wedding, a groom’s cake would be a very fun way of doing something for the groom.

Enjoy the process of deciding what the grooms cake should look like and answering for yourself What is a Grooms Cake?