More Grooms Cake Ideas

More Grooms Cake Ideas

For years, the groom has been a mere sideshow at the wedding. His job has been limited to looking polite, and saying ‘I Do’ at the appropriate time. The wedding ceremony has long been the stronghold of the bride. But not anymore. With the resurgent trend of the grooms cake, the groom finally has something to express himself at the wedding.

But what should the grooms cake at your wedding be about? If you are the groom choosing the cake for himself at the wedding, this can be as simple as making a list of your intersts and hobbies and getting a cake designed around one of them. But if you are the bride picking a cake for the hubby-to-be, getting the right grooms cake can be a bit complicated. Here are a few grooms cake ideas to help you get just the right cake at the wedding:

1. Sports Themed Cake
Face it: guys love sports. Does the groom have a penchant for football? Or is he into basketball? How about a cake themed after his favorite team? Does he idolize a certain player? Try getting him a cake designed around his favorite player. A sports themed cake is the first place to begin your search for a groom’s cake.

2. Hobbies or Interest Themed Cake
Is your husband-to-be a major fan of KISS? Does he have a particular fondness for 80s hair metal bands? Is he an aspiring photographer? Does he sit for hours in front of an easel, paiting? If so, you can get him a grooms cake themed after his interests or hobbies. All of us have at least one hobby we particularly gravitate towards, and picking a cake centered around that hobby can make for a teriffic groom’s cake.

3. Cake Themed After Rollercoasters, Musical Instruments, and Other Crazy, Fun Filled Things
If you want to be truly adventurous with the grooms cake, why not get a rollercoaster themed cake with bright colors and audacious toppings? How about a cake that looks like a guitar or a saxophone? If your groom likes flying, why not a cake that resembles an aircraft? The wilder and crazier you go with the grooms cake, the better. The possibilities are literally endless. Cake designers these days can create anything that you imagine. So why not go completely over the top and make the grooms cake a memorable part of your wedding?