Homemade Groomscake versus Store Bought Grooms cake

Homemade Groomscake versus Store Bought Grooms cake

There are some groomscakes that you can tell right away are either home made or store bought. Here are some examples:

grooms cake pacman marries miss pacman


Grooms cake pacman marries miss pacman


homemade groom-cake poker

How do you decide if it’s right to make your own grooms cake, or if you should invest in a store bought grooms cake. The other important question is, what if you have a friend that makes cakes, but you aren’t sure of the perceived quality of the finished product. There is a fine line between artistic and professional. Many cake designers and bakers have great ideas and great concepts, but the final execution isn’t quite as good as their initial proposal. If you have seen any of the design challenges on the Food Network TV channel for example, then you know how a great concept and great drawing ahead of time can turn into a disaster and complete flops due to simple unexpected events or conditions. For example, understanding the impact temperatures have on fondant is something an amateur may not be ready to encounter while working on your grooms cake.

Weighing the pros and cons of a professional grooms cake is a relatively short and simple list. First it’s a matter of budget and timing. If you are on a serious tight budget, then the decision may be already made. Make your own, or have one of your friends make a grooms cake. If you have some room left in your budget from all of the wedding plans, then finding a professional cake maker is great. Although check with the timing too. If you have waited too long and there is not much time left before the wedding day, then of may be another reason to take it upon yourself or your friends to make the groomscake.