Grooms Cake Tradition

Grooms Cake TraditionGrooms Cake Tradition

There are a number of Grooms Cake Tradition s that you can incorporate easily into your wedding festivities. The first Grooms Cake Tradition is or course to actually have a grooms cake.

The next Grooms Cake Tradition is to have it relate specifically to the groom. This means that although the bride typically gets to have her say in just about everything that is happening at the wedding, this is the one area that only has to do with the groom.

Generally another Grooms Cake Tradition is that the grooms cake is a special gift from the bride to the groom.

Next Grooms Cake Tradition: The grooms cake is smaller than the main wedding cake. You want to keep the focus on the main cake and the grooms cake is more as a fun gesture type of cake. Making sure it does not detract from the main cake, while still being a conversation piece is a delicate balance that you will want to make sure you reach during the planning stage.

Another Grooms Cake Tradition is to serve it to the unmarried gals in attendance as a gesture that they too will find true love. In a way it’s somewhat like the tradition of tossing the bride’s bouquet. It is rumored that long ago, the unmarried girls would take their piece of the grooms cake home with them and sleep with it under their pillow in hopes to attract their groom. At minimum with their attention so much on marriage, they would dream about their future groom.

Grooms Cake Tradition Summary List

  • Have a grooms cake
  • Only about the groom
  • Make is fun
  • Smaller than main cake
  • Gift from bride to groom
  • Serve to unmarried gals – but don’t make them sleep with it under their pillows :) that will just make a mess.

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Enjoy incorporating a Grooms Cake Tradition or a few, but don’t worry if the groom chooses something outlandish; after all most of the attention will be on everything else.