Groom’s Cake – The Cake For Your Other Half

The grooms cake originated in the south. It was an additional cake, usually in a different style, flavor and color than the main cake, that was designed around and about the groom. It was intended to be a present from the bride to the groom, and thus, was usually about something the groom loved (besides the bride!). It was generally dark, and had ‘masculine’ themes such as sports, hunting, etc. Over time, as weddings became less extravagant, the cake began to be seen as an unnecessary expense and was phased out from wedding ceremonies.

As all old things come back in fashion, the grooms cake too is making a big comeback in weddings. Couples with disposable incomes are splurging big time on a day that will come once in their lifetime, and are experimenting with their ceremonies. The groom’s cake, thus, becomes a good idea to invest in, adding a layer of ‘retro cool’ to the ceremony.

The purpose of the groom’s cake can be many. It can serve as a dessert at the rehearsal dinner, or can be an alternative choice to the main bridal cake at the wedding. Custom dictates that the cake be placed next to the bride’s cake at the ceremony. It is then cut into wedges and placed in boxes to be given out to guests. Such slices can even serve as a wedding favor (thus elminating one expense!). You can have the cake placed in stylized boxes and add a further layer of ‘chutzpah’ to the ceremony.

Legend has it that single women who sleep with a slice of the groom’s cake under their pillows dream of their future husband that night. While you of course don’t have to compel the single women to take this course, it can make for a wonderful excuse to have this cake at your wedding!