Grooms Cake Ideas

Grooms Cake Ideas

Unique and creative grooms cake ideas are bountiful. You can create totally unique grooms cake ideas that no one has ever done before with a few simple techniques. You obviously want to make the grooms cake special and give a gift that will let the groom know that you care about him and his personality too. Many grooms end up feeling left out of the wedding planning phase and can become disinterested in even talking about the wedding at all. By including them via a grooms cake will allow them to feel included and give them something to brag about to his buddies.

First of all, start with a list of things that the groom enjoys. If you make a list of his hobbies, his work and favorite movies / tv shows you’ll quickly become honed in on a few that are a create a profile of who he really is.

Interview the Groom for grooms cake ideasgrooms cake ideas

Next you should interview the groom to get a more clear idea of what he might actually enjoy. Ask questions like

  • Have you been to a wedding where they served a grooms cake?
  • Did you like it? What did they do well?
  • What would you want your grooms cake to look like? Do you have and grooms cake ideas?
  • Would you prefer to be involved in the decision or would you like it to be a surprise?
  • What is your biggest passion in life?
  • What is your biggest achievement in life so far?
Some of the questions might give you clues, but remember that some answers might be just off the top of his head and you might need to find sneaky ways to ask the questions again in a different way to get his real answer.
If he says that he would like the grooms cake to be a surprise, make sure that he’s not just trying to make you happy by letting you choose it, but that he really would like to be surprised with your creative grooms cake ideas. Some men are just like that – they would prefer to be surprised and will see it as a romantic and loving gesture from you to design it the way you see him. Other guys hate surprises. They would much rather be involved in the process and make sure that it is really something that will represent them.

Can I make my grooms cake ideas neutral?

If you are worried about the decor of the grooms cake and concerned that it might clash with the overall decor of your wedding, then you certainly can make it a stylish grooms cake that is neutral. Typically it will be darker and more manl colors, avoiding the pastels and lighter colors like whites and ivory.  Neutral grooms cake ideas can actually end up very stylish and beautiful that everyone will admire, including the groom. The above picture is an example of a generally neutral cake with a little bit of accents to include the groom.

Get creative with your grooms cake ideas and knock the socks off your groom!