grooms cake ice cream

Grooms Cake Ice Cream

There are several creative things you can do when it comes to grooms cake. The style of the cake, the presentation of the cake as well as how it is served and when it is served will add to the enjoyment of the grooms cake. Naturally making your wedding memorable  is a goal too and how you present the grooms cake will aid.

But when you think about what your grooms cake should be made of, not many things of grooms cake ice cream. Typically and traditionally chocolate cake is the variety of choice. But since there are not any specific rules that you have to follow in order ot have a great grooms cake, why not make your grooms cake ice cream?

Flavors of grooms cake ice cream

If you’re going to go crazy with the type of cake, then maybe it would be OK to stick with the traditional flavor and get some chocolate ice cream in there. But like we’ve already said before, this is not a rule. So if you feel like have something else besides chocolate ice cream you can make the flavor anything you choose. Make it strawberry, vanilla, swirl, butter pecan or chunky monkey. After all it’s you choice on the grooms cake ice cream.

Preparation of grooms cake ice cream

If you are serving your grooms cake ice cream cake at a reception then you will need to take into account that it will be sitting out for a while during the serving process. That means that if you are not well prepared, then you will have melted grooms cake ice cream all over the place.  So what can you do to prevent this melting disaster?

  • Keep the ice cream cake frozen until the last minute
  • Have a deep freezer available so it is deeply frozen

Keeping in mind that many freezers have limited space available. If you are planning on using a freezer at a facility like a church or banquet hall, then you must make sure their freezer will be large enough to handle the grooms cake ice cream.

If they do not have a freezer large enough, a creative solution is to find a restaurant nearby that has a walk-in freezer. Make sure that the manager on duty the day of the wedding know about what is happening as well as the staff that will be on duty when you drop off the ice cream cake.

Enjoy your grooms cake ice cream regardless of the flavor, style or design.