Grooms cake history

Grooms cake history

The Grooms cake history is quite interesting, although perhaps it also includes some room for debate about the authenticity of the official Grooms cake history.

grooms cake history

It is rumored that the first version of the grooms cake came about when the Romans would send small amounts of cake home with guests after a wedding. Then later grooms cakes evolved into something that was sent home with unmarried women who would set the piece of grooms cake under their pillow and sleep on it. The sleeping on the piece of grooms cake under the pillow would aid in helping the women dream about finding their own grooms. Although I’m thinking it was more of a mess than it was worse.

More Grooms cake history

Some sources say that the grooms cake history started with a dark fruit cake that did not have any frosting. Other sources state that it started with a fruit cake that had a sweet white icing to match the bride’s cake which was decorated with spun sugar as well as matching her dress.

As with many traditions, even more sources have other stories. Some reffered to the Grooms cake history as the top layer of the bride’s cake. The top layer was not served to guests, but rather saved for the groom and the bride to eat at the celebration of their first anniversary.

The stories of sending the grooms cake home with unmarried women

Many know the groom’s cake as the confection that was wrapped in individual, silver or white boxes monogrammed with the couple’s initials and tied with fancy ribbons. These dainty packages were distributed to guests as wedding favors to take home.

In the deep south, the groom’s cake tradition has been revived and becoming more popular again in recent years. The young female unmarried guests to a wedding have been sneaking pieces home in their bags and purses. They find a small box to place it in so it won’t make a huge mess and slip under their pillow. I dare say it might work – not because of the superstition of the cake itself, but rather if they are focused on looking fora groom, they may just bring it about.

Grooms cake history