Grooms cake etiquette

Grooms Cake Etiquette

There are no hard fast rules about grooms cake. Much of the etiquette that revolves around grooms cakes comes from tradition, personal preference and evolved cultural procedures. There are many questions that are still good to have answers for.grooms cake etiquette

Here are some of the questions that many people have about grooms cake etiquette:

  • When do you present the grooms cake?

The grooms cake can be served at the same time as the main cake. The grooms cake can also be kept for an after party with the wedding party, or

  • Who do you serve the grooms cake to?

According to grooms cake etiquette you can serve the groom whenever you want. Many old fashioned traditions and legends talk about sending pieces of the grooms cake home with guests.

  • Does everyone at the wedding get to eat the grooms cake?

This also is up to your preference and not really specific grooms cake etiquette. Some give it only to single, unattached young women, while other serve it to everyone who would like to enjoy a piece. Other would limit it to those who are there on behalf of the grooms or those who knew the groom before the wedding.

  • How long does it take to make the grooms cake?

This depends on the size, and how elaborate the cake is going to be. You should make sure to have the order in for a grooms cake at least 2 weeks prior to the big day. For more elaborate grooms cakes you should consult with the baker months ahead of time. This will ensure that it is done on time and to your specs. It can be wise to order from the same bakery as the wedding cake for a couple reasons. You may receive a discount. You also might be able to make sure that it is done to the quality you expect and it will not clash with the wedding cake.

  • How many pieces should a grooms cake serve?

If you consider how many guests you will be serving it to, that will give you an approximate number of pieces that you need. You should always add 10% just in case more people show up.

  • How tall should the grooms cake be?

According to grooms cake etiquette and tradition the grooms cake is normally jut one layer tall. If you are serving a large group of guests, then it is OK to go more than that one layer. It should in no case be near as tall as the actual wedding cake. The grooms cake should be no more that 75% the height of the wedding cake.

  • Are there certain flavors that are traditional?

Yes. Grooms cake etiquette would suggest that you use a chocolate cake.

  • Can a grooms cake look like a wedding cake?

No. A grooms cake should not look like a traditional wedding cake. The whole point of the grooms cake is to avoid looking like a wedding cake. Avoid using light colors and floral decor that you would see on a wedding cake.

  • Do you still need a wedding cake if you have a grooms cake?

Yes. By all means. You cannot have a grooms cake only.  The bride needs a real cake too. If budget is tight, stick with a regular wedding cake and skip the grooms cake, not the other way around.

Keep an eye grooms cake etiquette and serving information so that your wedding will be as spectacular as you want it to be!