Grooms Cake – A Chance for the Groom to Express Himself

Grooms Cake – A Chance for the Groom to Express Himself

How in the world did the idea of a grooms cake become popular? While it may still be a nascent trend today, in the previous century, it was custom for weddings to feature two cakes – the main cake, and the groom’s cake.

It is suspected that bakers had some hand in this custom. In the good old Victorian days, it was custom for the cake to be broken over the heads of the bride and the groom (bizzarre, right?). Besides being a waste of cake, it also meant that people ordered smaller and smaller cakes (for easy breaking, and well, it was going to go waste anyway). This obviously wasn’t good for bakers. Hence, they started pushing the concept of ‘grooms cake’ that could be broken over the bride and the grooms head, while the main cake could be actually eaten. The end result: the bakers get extra orders, the wedding party gets to eat delicious cake, and the groom finally gets a cake just for himself.

The wedding day, admittedly, is all about the bride. Right from the dress to the flowers to the decor, pretty much everything is centered around the bride. The groom’s job is cut out; he just has to appear and say ‘I do’. With the groom’s cake, he finally has something that is devoted just to him – a platform to express himself. No wonder it has caught on as a concept.

The grooms cake can be themed around a number of things. You are basically given a free rein and can make it into any shape or style you want, without any care for making it match up to the wedding’s decor theme. Incorporating your hobbies, interests, or idols is one of the most popular ways to get the groom’s cake made, and can add the groom’s personality to the entire wedding.