Groom Cake Toppers

Groom Cake Toppers Alert!

The Groom’s cake has become a prominent feature at many weddings today. A quirky, funny dark cake made in a way that reflects the bridegroom’s hobbies, occupation, or favorite things, this is a Southern tradition that has been revived recently. It is a great way to have some fun at the wedding and complement the bride’s main cake. It also makes for a great wedding favor item.

Ever cake, of course, needs a topper. Grooms cake toppers tend to be a bit different from the usual toppers you come across at weddings. For one, they don’t usually fall into the dainty and moderous couple holding handsGroom Cake Toppers category. They tend to be a lot more quirky. In fact, this is one area where you are given the license to have some fun with the wedding.

The current trend in groom cake toppers is to reflect something your husband-to-be likes or enjoys, or something that evokes old memories. You, as the bride, are perhaps the best judge of his likes or dislikes, but you can get plenty of ideas from his friends and family. Ask his buddies what he really enjoys doing when alone, and you’ll get a ton of ideas. If he likes fishing, why not have a topper with a man looping a fishing reel into the cake? If he likes hunting, how about a chocolate miniature gun as the topper?

His parents are another source of ideas. They’ll tell you about the things he enjoyed doing when younger. If he was a big Superman fan, why not have a figure of Superman himself as the groom cake topper? You could even order the cake in Superman’s trademark colors (blue and red).

The grooms cake is usually a surprise from the bride to her future husband. He would definitely be delighted if he sees a cake topped with something he truly loves. So do your research and get a topper that will evoke strong sentiments in him.

Make the Groom Cake Toppers the first thing that he sees Рand loves!