Five Ways to Get Grooms Cake Ideas

The grooms cake is increasingly becoming a common sight at weddings. While originally a Southern tradition, it has now gone mainstream with thousands of couples opting for it to add an air of freshness to their weddings. To help you out, here are five ways to get grooms cake ideas:

1. What Are the Groom’s Hobbies?
This is a question you, as the bride, would know best. What does your man like to do in his spare time? Is he into football? Does he like to play around with gadgets and gizmos? Is he interested in fishing and hunting? Is he a music head who jams on his guitar for an hour or two each day? Take ideas from his hobbies and get a cake made accordingly. A guitar player, for instance, would definitely appreciate a cake modeled after his favorite guitar. A football fan, on the other hand, would really like a football shaped cake with his favorite team’s logo on it.

2. What is the Groom’s Occupation?
Another source of ideas is your other half’s job. This is especially good if you know that your man loves his job or workplace. If he is a journalist, why not a cake shaped like a giant pen? If he is a computer engineer, perhaps you could go a bit nerdy on the cake. The ideas are endless, and will vary according to his job.

3. Ask His Friends
Most men have a side that they rarely show their wives or gilfriends. This side, however, is known pretty well to their closest buddies. Get together with a few of them to get a few ideas about the grooms cake. You will not only get good ideas, but may also end up learning something new about him.

4. Ask His Parents
What better source of information about the groom than his parents? Ask his mom about some favorite childhood memory of his, or something he loved when he was younger. Most men would be delighted to see their favorite childhood thing adorning their cake, so parents are a wonderful source of ideas for the groom’s cake.

5. Look Online
The internet is a huge repository of ideas and tips. Do a Google search to look for grooms cake ideas, or do an image search at Bing. This is one great way to know what to get for your husband-to-be and find out some great ideas for his grooms cake at the same time.