21st Century Wedding Trends

21st Century Wedding Trends

Ever since the dawn of the 21st century, there have been shifts in the way weddings are conducted. While the basic tenets may have not changed in the past 4-5 decades, the subtle nuances that make up weddings have undergone an evolution of sorts.

The most important trend of the 21st century wedding is personalization. Today, couples leave no stone unturned to leave their personal signature on the entire wedding. Not only does it have to be a memorable occassion, it must also be remembered as the day of the bride and the groom. Thus, generic decor, cakes, flowers, and colors are out, and personalization is in fashion in a big way.

A personalized wedding, of course, is way more expensive than a generic wedding. You will have to pay extra for pesonal touches, but when you consider that it is probably one of the most important days in your life, these expenses seem worth it.

The 21st century wedding is also marked by a break from tradition. Hence, you have the bride and the groom dressed in some ironic fashion (an extension of the hipster culture), or entrance music that is not quite what the elders would expect. Wedding cake toppers have funny themes (zombie bride, dracula count, etc.), and the cakes themselves are in flavors and toppings that are not quite what you would call the ‘norm’.

Then you have groom’s cakes in weddings – a rich, dark chocolate cake themed around the groom’s interests that complements the main cake. While this is a tradition taken from the 19th century Southern weddings, it is becoming popular again today.

The decor has undergone some major overhauls too. Rather than the pure white/beige/pastel color combination, couples today aren’t hesitant to experiment with different colors and themes. Hence, you have beach weddings, hip hop weddings, kitschy weddings, etc.

Even wedding photography has undergone changes. Today, you have reportage wedding photography (in which the photographer acts like a photojournalist) becoming popular in a big way.

Weddings may have undergone subtle changes, but their true essence remains the same: the joining together of two souls in holy matrimony.